Independent Owned and Operated

Located right in the heart of Soho in the West End of London, your tanning couldn't be more convenient. Whether you're on your way home, or about to go for a drink. Pop in for 10 minutes and pop out with a tan. Look healthier and sexier.

For your convenience We Are Open Late

6 days a week: Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm. Saturday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm. Sunday: Closed.

Our Pricing

Our nearest rivals per minute prices are 50% more expensive than ours. So if you book one of our courses, you really are getting an amazing deal.

We also have special promotions from time to time, making us even better value.

Pay as you go £1 Per minute


  • 50 Minutes £48
  • 70 Minutes £66
  • 115 Minutes £105
  • 150 Minutes £130
  • 250 Minutes £200
  • 300 Minutes £220


Buy one get the second one half price.
Buy two courses, get one free.

We have 3 stand up booths with its own private changing cubicle called the Luxura Delta. They are easy to step into and out of. They are the first vertical professional tanning unit which have 48 x 180w lamps.

The 2-metre-long LightTech Combi lamps with built-in face tanner create the perfect tan in this upright tunnel. You can book in advance or just pop in. The base has a lift that takes the user to the face tanners. This is the most efficient tanning method ever.

Each booth has an innovative air circulation system which is adjustable, it draws cool air from the base over your entire body, keeping you cool and helping prevent perspiration.

Handrails in each booth provide support for your arms, so you can get a more all round tan. Also fitted are stereo speakers, so you can listen to great tunes whilst tanning. If you dance around whilst tanning, it can help you get browner!